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Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut
cover photo © 2011 Patricia Lieb



The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut, told by Peanut himself in 2,600-word prose-in-verse with 29 colorful photographs, is a must read from adults as well as children. Peanut is a delight to meet and stays alive from the first page to the last. You will love Peanut.



Book Excerpt



The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut

picture prose

Patricia Lieb



"My name is Peanut
And this is my story."


Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut


Something About
My Friends And Me

I live in a palm tree in the lady's yard
in Florida and I visit her porch twice
a day--more often if I feel hungry.

At first it was just me wandering
to her door, scratching on the screen,
and when she'd see me, she'd
hurry to a canister and give me some of the best tasting
stuff that I ever chewed. I heard
her call the treat a peanut.
She would open the sliding glass door
and hold the savory treat out
for me and I would take it from her fingers.


Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut


I was a bit timid in the beginning,
but got over my shyness rapidly,
and before long I got braver and braver
and soon all the squirrels in the forest
started admiring me.
And then, right out-of-the-blue,
my family and friends
began following me everywhere.

So now I share the lady's generous handouts
with all in the forest that are as brave as I am.
The lady's porch is getting more and more crowded
with my furry friends at every mealtime.







Author Bio

Patricia Lieb is a former award-winning newspaper reporter and author of several published novels, poetry books, true crime and biographies. Her works have appeared widely in books, magazines and newspapers.




The Adventures of a Squirrel Named Peanut. Copyright 2011. Patricia Lieb. All rights reserved by the author. Please do not copy without permission.


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"For everyone who is a fan of great photography as well as adorable squirrels, this book is a must read for the kids. Even young adults would like this book. It will soon be out on E-books and in paperback, and it is one of the most charming "novels in verse" I have read in this genre. You are sure to be captivated by Peanut, as was I!"
Barbra Nightingale, English Professor, Broward College, FL

The Adventures of A Squirrel Named Peanut is a photo book about the cutest little squirrel whose name is Peanut. The photographs--taken by the author herself--are excellent and add so much detail to this book that the prose comes to life because of them.

Peanut narrates this charming story, which is broken into eleven little adventures. Peanut is a delight... from his scratching at the screen for food to eating out of the author's hand to eating a potted avocado plant... he's as irresistible to the reader as he is to his benefactor!
Valerie J. Patterson, author of Honor Thy Neighbor




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