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The Aegis of the Dragon
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Chapter Excerpt


The Aegis of the Dragon

Patrick Welch



A list of contents.

The Aegis of the Dragon
Cryptic Chronicles
The Ring of the Bell
The Joining
The Legend of Everett Hoskins
Blood Memory
Death in Vein



A dragon is transformed by a magician into puny human form and sent to Chicago. Only by solving the most perplexing riddle can he hope to return and regain his rightful heritage. But can he solve it by himself, or must he rely on humans to help him? Humans who betrayed him in the first place.


Dhryllsdahrl sullenly watched the lights of the bar reflect in his glass of wine. It was a poor vintage, one in normal times he would have tossed in the nearest river, then burned down the vintner.

But these were hardly normal times. He drummed his fingers on the bar. Useless, he thought, staring at the stubby digits, the inadequate nails. In his reptilian form, his talons would have easily torn the wood asunder. No wonder when they fought him they clad themselves in metal suits, forgetting that their protection served as an excellent heat conductor. With one blast of his fiery breath he could roast a knight within minutes.

He sighed. This human form is so pathetic! Gone the great wings that lifted him high into the clouds so he could ravage far and wide. Gone the slashing fangs and barbed tail, each a weapon sufficient to defeat an army. Gone the mighty scales that deflected arrows, swords and other puny human weaponry. Gone, gone, gone.

When he awoke and found himself in this form, in this world, the shock and disgust had been nearly overwhelming. But he had only himself to blame. His talismans had proven inadequate against the powers of the magician Grengar. Now he cursed himself for not eliciting the assistance of some lesser demons while he was in his molting stage. The mage’s attack had been unexpected, rapid...and most effective. Dhryllsdahrl had found himself bound and muzzled in unseen, unbreakable chains before he realized he was under assault

The victorious magician had stood gloating before him. "I know you can hear me, Dhryllsdahrl. That is about all you can do now, is it not?"

He had strained to break the bonds, emit a stream of fire and smoke, but had to content himself with a twitch of his tail.

The magician had the effrontery to applaud his own prowess! Even walking with inches of his mighty snout and fangs! And Dhryllsdahrl could only sit and watch as he presented his demands. And Dhryllsdahrl had no other options save to agree.

And now I am here, in some foreign reality, in a body nearly useless and powerless. Somehow, some way, he would make Grengar pay.

"Excuse me, sir. Do you have a light?"

Dhryllsdahrl turned and found a young, blonde human female standing next to him. Something that looked like a white stick was hanging from her mouth. "I beg your largess, my lady. What is it you seek?"

She stifled a giggle. "A light. For my cigarette. Do you have one?"


The Aegis of the Dragon Copyright © 2012. Patrick Welch. Reprinted by permission of the author. All rights reserved by the author. Please do not copy without permission.



Author Bio

Patrick Welch received a B.A. and M.A. in English from Bowling Green State University. Proving the value of a liberal education, he has worked variously as a musician, dock worker, insurance salesman, full-time and substitute teacher, freelance writer and assistant store manager. He is currently enjoying the life of the semi-retired.

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