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The Art of Healing
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      0riginal Japanese language edition published by Fukurai Shuppan, Kokufu-cu, Gifu, Japan






The Art of Healing
by Transmitting Life Energy

by Dr. Kenzo Yamamoto (with Kimiko Yamamoto)



Volume 1 of the Therapies Applying
the Nengraph Principle Series



Since I first cured a disease by concentrating on prayerful repetition of the word “heal,” I have helped many people recover from illnesses. Over time, I came to understand that this healing operates on the same principle as nengraphy. If there is a principle, then anyone should be able to put it into practice, so I have taught my methods to other people, and they have cured ailing family members. Nengraphy was discovered in 1910 by Fukurai Tomokichi, a native of Takayama city in Hida, Gifu prefecture, Japan. This was a monumental discovery – great enough to overturn previous scholarship – and for that reason Fukurai found himself driven from Tokyo University, and his nengraphy discovery was effectively covered up until the present day. Nevertheless, nengraphy is real. A nengraph itself is a reproduction of a mental concept on a photographic dry plate; but the principle behind nengraphy can also be effectively applied toward curing people who are struggling with illness, by praying for them to heal. What is more, prayer of the word “heal” is something that can be done by anybody - by parents for their children, or by children for their parents. A heart devoted to this prayer for healing is a heart of utmost nobility, the purest a person’s heart can be. This heart also resembles a prayerful feeling of profound gratitude to Nature.

At first I only transmitted Life Energy along with the word “heal.” But later, in the process of trying to help resolve the problems of the people who consulted with me, I experienced that my Mental Order Therapy can be quite effective in curing some diseases and that psychoanalysis, if successful, can also be very effective.

Come to think of it, these healing methods are all applications of the nengraph principle, and thus can be explained based on this principle. The twentieth century saw astounding developments in material civilization, yet one question remains unresolved, carried over to the twenty-first century. To wit: “what is the heart?” Fukurai Tomokichi’s nengraph is the key to solving this riddle.

I was asked once, when a teacher at the Gifu Prefectural Hida Vocational High School, to help a student at the Prefectural Yoshiki High School in the neighboring town of Furukawa. I was told the girl had been staying in bed, unable to go to school. Once I met this student and talked with her, I learned that her inability to attend school had been sparked by problems with a friend. But the immediate cause was an aversion to schoolwork, stemming from the feelings of inferiority she had because she was unable to keep up with her studies.

To help this girl’s subconscious mind grow stronger, I mentally concentrated on sending a greater sense of hope and desire for the future into her subconscious. After ten sessions of this mental concentration, a combination of Life Energy transmissions and Mental Order Therapy, she was completely cured and able to attend school once again. However, her attendance record was insufficient for her to advance to the second year, and it was unofficially decided that she should repeat her first year of high school. If she were held back at this point, though, I believed the risk was great that she would despair and relapse into her inferiority complex. So I wrote a letter to Yoshiki High’s principal, Hori Fusao, proposing that the girl be tentatively advanced to see how she would fare. The school agreed, and she gradually caught up with her schoolwork, to graduate commendably.

During the four years that I taught at the Hida Vocational High School, I cured three students of their stutters using my Mental Order Therapy. These boys have grown up and are now quite active in society.

The next account is also from my time at the Hida Vocational High School. Just when it occurred to me that the brightest of my primary school classmates, Murata Masanari, had slipped off without my noticing, he returned as a physician and opened his own clinic in Takayama City. Dr. Murata was also the school physician for the Vocational High School. One day, Murata telephoned me at school. “Yamamoto,” he said, “it’s about one of my patients. Can you try to cure this person with the methods you’ve been researching?” He told me the address, and when I arrived at the patient’s house, it turned out to be an entirely emotional problem. The patient was suffering from a mild nervous breakdown, which was cured after about three sessions.

I recall treating two of Murata’s patients in this fashion. He told me once, “You know, Yamamoto, you can charge a fee for what you do.” But to this day I have provided these treatments as a service, without monetary compensation. Dr. Murata is the same age as me, 92, and even today he is active as a physician.

In the meantime, I also received a call from my friend Ishida Eiichi, a school principal. “You’ve got to help me, Yamamoto,” he began. “One of our students comes down with a high fever as soon as he arrives at school. But when he returns home, he recovers as though nothing had happened. He underwent testing at Nagoya University, and they diagnosed his condition as an unexplained fever.”

“What the heck is an ‘unexplained fever’?” I asked.

“Apparently it’s a fever that can’t be treated because they don’t know the cause,” Ishida replied.

“Okay, send the student to see me,” I said, and hung up the phone. A few days later the boy showed up, accompanied by his parents. We chatted a little, and I learned the following about his situation. He joined the Judo club when he started junior high school, burning with ambition. But some of the older members were arrogant and overbearing, and when the sensei wasn’t around they would grab the new members, saying “come on over to the mat,” and roughly throw them around. In order to protect his life, therefore, the student’s subconscious was developing the fever so that he could not attend school. The boy was going to school, feeling that he ought to attend, but he was entirely unable to bear the fever. I immediately telephoned Principal Ishida, and told him the boy should be allowed to switch from Judo to another club activity.

Since the fever would not be cured right away, I also helped to straighten out the boy’s subconscious using my Mental Order Therapy, and transmitted Life Energy. The boy was completely cured after three such sessions. Ishida Eiichi himself often said, “I am Yamamoto Kenzo’s number one disciple.”

Years later, when I applied to the Gifu Prefectural office for the formation of an academic research foundation, the superintendent of education for the prefecture was Mr. Hori Fusao, former principal at Yoshiki High School, where I had cured a student; the school superintendent for the town of Kokufu, where I live, was none other than Mr. Ishida, who had referred the “unexplained fever” case to me when he was a school principal; and the mayor of our town was Mr. Kawakami Hiroyuki, who had shown a deep understanding of my research in our younger years. With these three serving as leaders, many of my fellow educators supported me, saying, “Yamamoto is doing superb research, so helping him to succeed in this will benefit a great number of people.” By good fortune, the bureaucratic hurdles were cleared and I received approval to form the foundation in March of 1983. For this I am profoundly grateful. Therefore, to meet the expectations of all my supporters, I decided to act on my idea of many years now to put together a book that can assist people in treating diseases medically. I have at long last summed up, in a three-book series, the principles behind and methods of healing, which I hope to make available to as much of the public as possible.

In particular, this first volume – The Art of Healing by Transmitting Life Energy – is intended to be a manual for everyone, and will exhaustively reveal the underlying principle and methods that anyone in the family can put to practical use.

Because I am a man of advanced age, my wife and research partner Kimiko has been kind enough to take up the pen on my behalf.

November 3, 2003
(the anniversary of Fukruai Tomokichi’s birth)

Yamamoto Kenzo, Ph.D.
Yamamoto Kimiko


Excerpt from "The Art of Healing by Transmitting Life Energy" Copyright © 2003 by Yamamoto Kenzo and Yamamoto Kimiko.       [0riginal Japanese language edition published by Fukurai Shuppan, Kokufu-cu, Gifu, Japan]




Yamamoto Kenzo, Ph.D.

Dr. Yamamoto was born on November 12, 1912 in Hida Kofuku-cho, where his impoverished family strived to eke out a living on the land. After finishing elementary school, he studied on his own until he was able to attend graduate school, years later. His independent search for knowledge continued, as he entered the teaching profession while still continuing to fulfill his agricultural duties.

When he discovered nengraphy, Dr. Fukurai Tomokichi was driven out of academia. However, Dr. Yamamoto has experienced supernatural phenomena ever since he was a boy. Making use of the same principles that underlie nengraphy, he has succeeded in curing a large number of people suffering from serious illnesses. He knew that Dr. Fukurai's work was genuine, and became its champion, embarking on an unceasing quest to discover the mechanism that governs nengraphy.

Dr. Yamamoto established the Fukurai Memorial Hall in Takayama. When he was 73, he founded the Hida Fukurai Psychological Research Institute. Today, he combines his work with the nurturing of numerous disciples. At the age of 88, Dr. Yamamoto both published The Six-Dimensional Dialectic, the fruit of 70 years of research, and obtained a doctorate in philosophy.

Among his many published writings are The Six-Dimensional Dialectic, Mysteries and Marvels of the Sixth Dimension, The Wondrous Power of Concentration, Where the Spirit and Science Converge, Dr. Fukurai and Nengraphy, How Depthy Psychology Differs between Meditative Vegetarians and Bellicose Carnivores; Dreams, the Mind and the Treatment of Illnesses; Unraveling the Mysteries Surrounding the Origin of Japan, Japan before Emperor Jinmu, Japan's Roots Lie in Hida, Secrets of the Kojiki and The Distortion of Ancient Japanese History (with Yamamoto Kimiko).

Yamamoto Kimiko

Born in Hida Takayama in 1948, Ms. Yamamoto turned to Buddhist ascetic practices after completing her school education. She enjoyed great success as a healer, but over time, her own health deteriorated. When she turned to Dr. Yamamoto Kenzo for help, he told her that the asceticism she had pursued was flawed, as was her worldview. She became his disciple, and recovered her health entirely. Ms. Yamamoto has devoted herself to the Six-Dimensional Dialectic and is engaged in related research work. She assists her husband with his research activities; together, the couple has cured a great number of sick people.

Ms. Yamamoto is the current director of the Hida Fukurai Psychological Research Institute. She is a fourth-year distance-learning student at the University of Human Arts and Sciences.


Excerpt from "The Art of Healing by Transmitting Life Energy" Copyright © 2003 by Yamamoto Kenzo and Yamamoto Kimiko.       [0riginal Japanese language edition published by Fukurai Shuppan, Kokufu-cu, Gifu, Japan]

Hida Fukurai Psychological Research Institute



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