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Infinite Space, Infinite God II
cover artwork by Kurt Ozinga



At last! Stories where the Catholic Church and science cooperate, priests are heroes, and faith gives people the strength to act upon their convictions. In the tradition of the award-winning Infinite Space, Infinite God I, Infinite Space, Infinite God II offers solid sci-fi and life-affirming faith.




Infinite Space, Infinite God II
Christian SF

Karina and Robert Fabian, Editors



A list of contents.

"The Ghosts of Kourion" by Andrew M. Seddon
"Antivenin" by Karina L. Fabian
"An Exercise in Logic" by Barton Paul Levenson
"Cathedral" by Tamara Wilhite
"Otherworld" by Karina L. Fabian
"The Battle of the Narthex" by Alex Lobdell
"Tenniel" by Colleen Drippé
"Tin Servants" by J Sherer
"Basilica" by John Rundle
"Cloned to Kill" by Derwin Mak
"Frankie Phones Home" by Karina L. Fabian
"Dyads" by Ken Pick and Alan Loewen







by Karina L. Fabian






Author Bio

Karina L. Fabian

Karina L. Fabian is a homeschooling mother of four who writes articles and craft books to bring in extra money and fiction to placate the many characters in her head who insist on having their stories told. Her short stories have appeared in magazines like Eternal Night and in the award-winning Christian SF anthology, Leaps of Faith.

A cradle Catholic and SF geek, she's had a great time thinking about the future of the Catholic Church for Infinite Space, Infinite God, which she edited with her husband, Rob. She finds collaborating with her husband, whether about children, stories, or anthologies, extremely romantic.

TTB title: Infinite Space, Infinite God

Author web site.

Robert A. Fabian

Rob is a Lieutenant Colonel in the USAF whose training is in military space operations, but whose career has ranged from ICBM maintenance to speechwriting for the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force. He has written several articles on the military and commercial use of space, the most recent of which appeared in Astropolitics: The International Journal of Space Power and Policy. Rob handles the technical/detail side of the Fabian writing team.

TTB title: Infinite Space, Infinite God




Infinite Space, Infinite God II Copyright © 2010. Karina and Robert Fabian, Editors. All rights reserved by the authors. Please do not copy without permission.


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  Praise for Infinite Space, Infinite God I

"What a great book! Infinite Space, Infinite God does for future Catholics what "Wandering Stars" did for Jewish science fiction: it presents our culture and our faith in new settings, illuminated by the lights of new suns. And it does it all in stories that are well crafted, compelling, and fun!"
Br. Guy Consolmagno SJ, astronomer at the Vatican Observatory and author of God's Mechanics.

"...Infinite Space, Infinite God II stacks up quite well against any collection of short spec-fic you're likely to find on the shelves this Christmas season. It would make a great gift for any science fiction fan on your list. This is a good read with a unique perspective and will linger in your mind a long time after you've finished it.
Fred Warren for

"Nuns in outer space? Churches in virtual reality? Priests as robots? Sometimes the most unlikely pairings lead to the most interesting literary achievements. In Infinite Space, Infinite God II, the creativity of science fiction is merged with the morality of Catholicism. The result is a collection of 12 short stories edited by the husband and wife team of Rob and Karina Fabian. While fun and imaginative, the anthology forces the reader to confront some serious issues. Would a human clone have a soul? Would aliens be considered a part of God's creation? Would religious vocations continue to exist beyond Earth's gravitational pull? These thought-provoking issues are explored in a way that satisfies both the techno-geek and the religious philosopher...."
Nicole Langan, Scranton Book Examiner




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