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Jeremy and the Dragon
Book cover © 2006 Lewis A. Francisco.




Story Excerpt


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Jeremy and the Dragon

a childen's story


Anne K. Edwards, author
Lewis A. Francisco, illustrator




Story Excerpt


ONCE UPON A TIME a little boy named Jeremy Kunkle had two older brothers named Jason and Regard who liked to tease him because he was smaller than they were. One day, Jason and Regard were going to play in the woods and Jeremy asked if he could go with them.

"You can't come with us," Jason told Jeremy. "We're going to play lost in space and our space ship landed in the woods."

Regard said, "Dad told us we'd get in trouble for taking you in the woods."

Jason looked at Jeremy. "The woods are awful scary. There's lots of paths that go around in circles and you could get lost. You'd never come out and nobody would ever find you," he said.

"I want to see the wild animals," Jeremy said. He was disappointed. Just because they were older, they didn't want to play with him. They always said he was too little.

Jason shook his head. "There aren't any wild animals. The dragons ate them."

"Dragons?" Jeremy's mouth fell open.

Regard covered a big smile with his hands. "The dragons live in the woods. We saw them once," he told Jeremy.

"Are they big? Who owns them? What do they look like?" Jeremy asked.

Regard gave him a scornful look. "The wizard owns them. He lives in a castle way back in the woods. They guard it for him."

"Yes, and they're big. Almost as big as our house," Jason added.

Jeremy's eyes got round.

"There's two of them. A red one and a green one. The red one is bigger than the green one. And he has a horn on his nose," said Regard.

"A horn?" asked Jeremy.

Regard nodded. "Yes. That's how you tell a boy dragon from a girl dragon. Boy dragons have horns on their noses," he said. "Didn't you know that?"

Jeremy pretended he did. "Yes."

"If the dragons see you in the woods, they'll chase you," Jason said. "And if they catch you, they might eat you."

Jeremy was very impressed. His brothers had seen dragons. Dragons! He wished he were big enough to see the dragons.

"We have to go," Jason said. "We have to find our space ship."

Jeremy watched as they ran shouting into the trees, waving their laser guns. They better be careful the dragons didn't hear them.



Jeremy and the Dragon Copyright © 2006 Anne K. Edwards and Lewis A. Francisco. All rights reserved. Please do not copy without permission.




Author Bio

Anne lives on a small farm in southern Pennsylvania with several cats and horses. Her interests other than reading and writing are meeting new people, traveling and talking to other authors. Anne is a member of and reviews books for and Reader to Reader.

Author web site.


Artist Bio




To order this book:
Format: PDF, HTML, Palm
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List Price: $3.50 USD ebook



Jeremy's older brothers are sick of his tagging along. Besides, they explain, it's not safe for him to tag along. It's not safe. There are dragons in the woods. Are they lying to get rid of him? Or are they telling the truth? Of course, dragons are imaginary--and yet, there are a few bits of evidence to the contrary. For instance, what happened to the Tuttlemans' cat?

One day, Jeremy finds his answers one and for all. Dragons, it seems, are sick of eating trees, and think a nice, plump boy would make a wonderfl change of diet. Yes, dragons are real, but they're also big and dangerous! Uh oh, what's a brave boy to do?

Jeremy and the Dragon is an appealing book, geared for imaginative young readers, ages 7 to 9. It's profusely illustrated with engaging pictures from the pen of Lewie Francisco. This story is full of fun, humor, and a few delicious shivers. Jeremy and the Dragon is a good choice even for those who are reluctant to read.
Reviewed by
Jeanette Cottrell, author of The Shadebinder's Oath for Sime~Gen.

What is it about dragons that children find so fascinating? Could it be their fiery eyes, huge scaly wings, devilish tails and ability to cough fire? Or is it perhaps their legendary quality enveloped in mystery?

Jeremy wants to play in the forest with his brothers, but they refuse, accusing him of being too little. To scare him off, they tell him there’s a child-eating dragon living in the woods. Unsure whether or not to believe them, Jeremy decides to investigate on his own. Imagine his surprise when he meets Elvis—not at all your ordinary kind of dragon. Elvis educates Jeremy into the ‘world’ of dragons and invites him to his cave to meet his wife, Lena. Once there, however, Jeremy realizes the dragon’s intentions are not so friendly after all. Refusing to become tonight’s supper, Jeremy must find a way to outsmart the dragons and escape.

In this her first children’s picture book, talented mystery author Anne K. Edwards has penned an engaging boy-dragon story that will keep young readers glued to the pages all the way to the surprising ending. The attractive illustrations complement the plot and characters perfectly. The unexpected twist at the end invites children to deduce the conclusion. This book is suitable to be read to young children or to be read by older ones on their own. Sometimes funny, sometimes a bit scary, but always exciting, Jeremy and the Dragon will delight readers of all ages.
Reviewed by Mayra Calvani.

I was held captive by this charming tale, about a little boy, Jeremy, whose brothers tease him and won't allow him to play with them in the Dark Forest; they tell him that dragons live there and that they have eaten all the wild animals. Furthermore, they say, if Jeremy goes into the woods and the dragons see him, they might eat him, too!

However, Jeremy is a brave little soul, and rather than being frightened, he's fascinated by the thought of seeing a dragon. Anne K. Edwards writes, "Jeremy got so excited he forgot to be afraid." What a wonderful line! And indeed, Jeremy, sitting on his swing in the garden, does get excited when he suddenly sees one of the dragons. They strike up a conversation, and then Jeremy goes trustingly with him into the Dark Forest.

Well written and beautifully illustrated, this story is just the perfect length for a bedtime story. It is a story to stir a child's imagination. I wouldn't hesitate to read this to my grandchildren.
Reviewed by Celia A. Leaman.

This book is about a boy named Jeremy who goes by himself into the woods and meets a dragon named Elvis. The dragon invites Jeremy to his cave to meet his wife Lena, who is very busy. Elvis pretends to be friendly but what he really wants is to eat Jeremy. Sometimes the dragons are scary but sometimes Jeremy scares the dragons, too. Jeremy must find a way to escape if he doesn't want to be eaten. This book was very interesting and suspenseful. I really wanted to keep reading to find out what was going to happen. The illustrations are very nice and colorful and the ending is surprising. I recommend this book to everyone.
Reviewed by Melisa, 4th Grade, European School, Brussels, Belgium for KidsBookshelf.





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