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Four stories to delight you -- written by the author when she was sometimes in a speculative mood, another time in a rather melancholy mood, and once, when she was in a downright wicked mood.


Story Excerpt



Who is Margaret? What is she?

Celia A. Leaman




Story Excerpt

Veronica had lived on her own since her husband died, and she was still adjusting.

She wasn't alone in the world; she had two daughters, Clarice and Minerva, whom their father had always called Clarrie and Minnie. Veronica never called them anything other than by their proper names.

There were those who wondered what their lives would be like now their father was gone and their mother, who seemed a little strange at times, might need taking care of.

The girls had already met and discussed this.

Under the circumstances, Clarice said, she didn't see why she should look after their mother; didn't she have enough problems of her own to deal with? "But don't you dare say anything to her," she told her sister. "I don't want her knowing any of my business."

Minerva didn't want Veronica knowing anything about her personal life either, and showed the same lack of enthusiasm. She was doing quite well at her business now and intended to keep it that way—something she never spoke about because her mother didn't approve.

Both girls decided that looking after a mother, who let's face it, could live another thirty or forty years, was not an option. They shuddered at even the thought.


While her daughters spent a lot of time pondering her future, Veronica was having thoughts of her own about what she'd like to do with the rest of her life. Finding another husband was certainly out of the question. She'd most definitely never say I do again! She was all right as she was. She had her health and plenty of money—if she was careful. What else did a person need?



Who is Margaret? What is she? Copyright © 2006. Celia A. Leaman. All rights reserved by the author. Please do not copy without permission.




Author Bio

Celia Leaman was raised in Devon, England. After moving to Canada in 1980, she had short stories published in magazines in the UK, Canada, the United States and South Africa. One of these was translated into Braille. She also wrote and co-directed a play, performed on Galiano Island, BC.

Celia writes in several genres. Her more serious novels, her first being Mary's Child, reflect her love of the South Devon moors in England. When Mary's Child was first released, it was a Frankfurt eBook Award and a Reviewers Choice Award nominee. There are two sequels to Mary's Child; PastPresent I: Awareness and PastPresent II: Resolution.

Unraveled is a lighthearted mainstream novel with a touch of fantasy and humor, as is her short story ebook, "Island Stories." Celia has created a whole new island community on Gale Island, a fictional Gulf Island situated between mainland British Columbia and Vancouver Island.

"Who is Margaret? What is She?" is a book of quirky/alien/fantasy short stories.

TTB titles:
Mary's Child
PastPresent I
The Winnowed Woman

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About the book

"Who is Margaret? What is she?"
Veronica meets Margaret in a launderette, where she finds herself revealing her innermost thoughts. One evening, when Margaret says she'd like to take Veronica to her home, she parks in a gateway in the middle of nowhere with not a house in sight. It doesn't take long for Veronica to realize who--or what Margaret is!

"The Suit"
Violet reminisces about the time she wore her old Halloween costumes, although she never did wear the silver suit because her husband protested so much, he died that Halloween. Many years later, she tries it on. When she does, she hardly recognizes herself in the mirror--or is it a true reflection of who she really is?

"The Man at the Side of the Road"
Concerned that an elderly man sitting at the side of the road might get run over, Cathy goes to his aid. Weeks later, when Cathy sets off on a camping trip, imagine her surprise when the old guy turns up outside her tent. Why is he there? What other tricks does he have up his sleeve?

"Duplicated! The Year 2225"
When Zan, a scientist at the Robotic Development Centre, decides to have a Duplicate robot made of himself, his wife, Zara, is cautious. Her disquiet grows when she begins to experience the problems these 'Duplicates' allegedly cause. What could be her husband's hidden agenda? And just how does she deal with his growing insanity?



A fun collection of stories by talented author Celia A. Leaman who entertains her readers with stories of unusual adventures of characters who seem like ordinary people. But are they?

If you've ever done your laundry in a Laundromat and passed the time with a stranger, you'll identify with Veronica when she meets Margaret. Does she feel drawn to Margaret because she needs a friend? Is Margaret who she appears to be or someone altogether different?

Can a new suit really alter our appearance? Read "The Suit" and find out. Would you wear such a suit out of season?

Step into the future and learn about clones. Would you want a copy of yourself living with you, learning to be you in all things? Spend time with Zan and Dara and then decide.

Tales that take us away from the ordinariness and lift us to the extraordinariness of living. Each one a separate adventure. I'm happy to recommend this book as a very pleasant way to spend some reading time.
Reviewed by
Anne K. Edwards, author of Death on Delivery.





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