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Twilight Times Books
2012 Treasure Hunt

Prizes, puzzles, scavenger hunt until September 30th.

Twilight Times Books now celebrating fourteen years as a publisher.

The contest will run until midnight EDT September 30, 2012.
Update 10-01-12: The contest ended midnight EDT on Sept. 30th.

  Join in a scavenger hunt as well as a treasure hunt for "jewels" scattered amongst our authors' web sites or blogs. The jewels (a small .jpg image) will generally be on the first page of the author's web site or blog. List of participating authors.

  Treasure hunt: Correctly match a jewel with the author (jewel is located on the author's web site/blog). 20 points

  Scavenger Hunt: Correctly match a phrase from an author's web site/blog with the author. 20 points

Prizes. All valid contest entries are eligible for the drawing. Winners will be announced October 10th.

First Place: B&N Nook Color and $50 Gift Voucher

Second Place: Kindle Fire and $35 Gift Voucher

Third Place: Google Nexus Tablet and $25 Gift Voucher

Fourth Place: Basket of 12 print books (Retail value $150.00+). Winner's choice of selections from historical/literary, humor, mystery, SF/F or YA baskets.

Fifth Place: Basket of 12 ebooks (Retail value $75.00). Winner's choice of selections from historical/literary, humor, mystery, SF/F or YA baskets.


Void where restricted or prohibited. Twilight Times Books authors, staff and their immediate families are not eligible to participate in the drawing for the B&N Nook, Kindle Fire or Google Nexus Tablet. If a prize cannot be sent to a winner due to limited availability, territory and/or customs restrictions, we will offer that winner additional options.

Be sure to follow these simple rules, which are required for your Treasure Hunt contest entry to be valid:

1. You may copy and paste your completed entry form into the body of an email message Or you may print the entry form* and fill in the requested info. Email the completed entry form to with subject line: ttb: 2012 contest entry form. You should receive an acknowledgment within 12 hours.
2. Email the completed form by midnight EDT September 30, 2012
3. One entry per individual
4. Maximum limit of 120 points per entry

Note: entry form will be available as a pdf file. *You may copy and paste your completed entry form into the body of an email message.


Redemption of points earned

20 points - one free ebook

40 points - two free ebooks (first 100 entries may substitute one paperback from basket of books)

60 points - three free ebooks

80 points - four free ebooks (first 100 entries may substitute two paperbacks from basket of books)

100 points - five free ebooks

120 points - six free ebooks (first 100 entries may substitute three paperbacks from basket of books)

Clarification: If you fill out the required info (name, email address, etc), along with correct answers to the treasure hunt and the scavenger hunt, you will have a valid entry.

If you write a book review, post to Twitter, Facebook, your blog and/or web page and provide the url(s) on the entry form you will earn bonus points. Bonus points and are not required for a valid entry.

Baskets of Books


Apache Lance, Franciscan Cross
Awkward Grace
Hudson Lake
Return to Nowhere
The Elixir
The Solomon Scandals
The Storks of La Caridad


Beginner's Guide to TV Baseball
Beginner's Guide to TV Football
Doggie Biscuit
Life on Santa Claus Lane


Death on Delivery
Death to the Centurion
Fire Owl
Murder in the Pit
Murder Past, Murder Present
No Place for Gods (formerly titled Then is the Power)
Touch of Fate


Monkey Trap
Strange Valley
The Last Protector
The Moon Child


Dragon's Moon
Griffin Rising
The Nameless Prince
Valley of the Raven

Phrases for the
Scavenger Hunt

Action, adventure, romance... and the World's Most Perfect Beer Container!
all is not well in Paradise
Ancients legends. Urban life. And the heroes in between.
Awkward Grace
Gate to Nowhere
Jerome and the Seraph
Just looking at it makes me want to run to the beach
Monstropocalypse Opus IV
Murder in the Pit
no matter how screwed up things are, life and love are worth fighting for
No Place for Gods
Still Writing After all These Years
Story Teller, Author and Humorist
Taking the ordinary and making it something twisted and bizarre.
The New Bedford Samurai
The Patriot Spy
the quest to trust my true nature
the world into which he escapes is at turns whimsical, absurd, poetic, and sublime.
Why is he looking at me like that?
Zombies and Dragons and Spaceships--oh my!

Jewels for the
Treasure Hunt

graphic artwork by Ardy M. Scott



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Enjoy the treasure hunt and thanks for participating!
Any questions, write to



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