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The Beginner's Guide to TV Baseball
Jay Kaymer


Chapter Two
The Broadcast Team

As soon as the Lead Commercials and the Playing Field Scans are finished, you will be introduced to the Broadcast Team. Because the Game of Baseball consists of Waiting for Things To Happen Between Pitches, it's almost impossible for one person to keep a running commentary going for a 3-Hour Telecast. This is why The Action will be described by two Specialists:

copyright © 2003 Jay Kaymer.

These two guys will try to fill the many voids in the Game by saturating your head with Biographies, Players' Habits and Salary Disputes. Plus a never-ending barrage of inane statistics such as: "Fast Freddy Scwartz has now become the first Lefthanded Yale Scholar to enter the Batter's Box with his fly open and bathroom tissue on his shoe."
(See why this Primer won't be concerned with Stats?)

Note: Do not underestimate the difficulty in being a Broadcaster. Keep in mind that the last play-by-play Man to be accepted by a Network first had to deliver a White Knuckle Commentary on a Chess Match between two World Wrestling Federation Professionals.


A 'primer' that contains more than you ever wanted to know. 

Jay Kaymer's Beginner's Guide to TV Baseball

The Beginner's Guide to TV Baseball     sports humor.
ISBN: 1-931201-05-8
135+ pages.

Jay Kaymer has created over 100 original cartoons that spoof our nation's beloved pastime.

A partial list of contents.
Field of Play, Broadcast Team, Game Umpires, Uniforms & Equipment, The Coaches, The Defense, The Catcher's Duties, The Pitcher, Designated Hitter, Strategy and much, much more.


Reader comments:

"This will alienate every sports fan on the planet, yet they will love it!"
W.N.G. - West Palm Beach, FL.

"Wow, you just keep wondering what's on the next page!"
T.T.N. - Atlanta, GA.

"Never seen anything like this before. These cartoons are hilarious!"
R.N.B. - Coral Springs, FL.



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