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A collection of SF/F stories from Robert Marcom. 

Darkly, Darkly

Darkly, Darkly    SF/F stories.

ISBN: 1-931201-63-3.     Available now!
150+ pages.
Formats ~ PDF (405k) and HTML

A chapbook of the collected works of popular author, Robert Marcom. Speculative fiction and poetry. "The stories will make you stop and think. They will make you wonder. They will make you afraid--perhaps very afraid."

Story excerpt

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A mainstream novel from Mark Misercola. 

Death to the Centurion

Death to the Centurion     thriller.
ISBN: 1-931201-24-2
200+ pages. PDF, HTML and LIT formats.

Death to the Centurion is a page-turning thriller, from novelist and life-long comic book fan Mark Misercola, about corporate intrigue, insider trading, underworld ties, and murder.

Story excerpt

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A YA fantasy novel from Bent Lorentzen. 

Dragon's Moon

Blessed Be the Jewel     fantasy for all ages.

ISBN 1-931201-83-8     Available now!
135+ pages.

A young dragon beset by childhood trauma and a disability, goes in quest of his identity and happiness. Enduring severe hardships in the search to find his roots, he ultimately discovers his disability may be a key weapon against a terrifying antagonist.

Chapter excerpt

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A fantasy/mystery novel from Linda Suzane. 

Eyes of Truth

Eyes of Truth     fantasy.

ISBN: 1-931201-36-6.    
200+ pages. PDF, HTML and LIT formats.

Eyes of Truth is a fantasy set in an exotic place where watch dragons bugle warning of impending disaster, soothsayers seek answers from house elementals, and some men possess the Eyes of Insu, the power to tell if a man lies. If you had the power to tell if someone was lying, you would think it would be easy to find a murderer.

Story excerpt

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A literary fantasy novel from Robina Williams. 

Jerome and the Seraph

Jerome and the Seraph    Fantasy.

ISBN: 1-931201-53-6.    
200+ pages.
Formats ~ PDF (780k) and HTML

Brother Jerome has a fatal accident in the cemetery of his friary. In the afterworld he meets up with his pet cat, Quantum, from the friary. During his adventures, Jerome discovers that the Greek gods never really went away.

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Story excerpt

A New Age novel from Ardy M. Scott. 

Prophecy: The Awakening

Prophecy     New Age fantasy.

ISBN 1-931201-30-7    
200+ pages. Author's preferred version. PDF, HTML, LIT, RB and hiebook formats.

What if you had to share your consciousness with a benign, but ancient being on a mission? What if you had to make life or death decisions with sketchy knowledge of the issues at stake? What if the balance between Dark and Light has shifted -- giving Dark the upper hand? The answers can be found in Prophecy: The Awakening, and a New Age realm where the inhabitants travel astral planes, converse with the gods and use computers to gather info.

Story excerpt

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A literary novel from Cynthia Ward. 

Sometimes There's a Dove

Sometimes There's a Dove    literary.

ISBN: 1-931201-73-0.      Available now!
200+ pages. PDF, HTML.

A story placed in the forties about a family's hard work, faith and determination as they work through rough times while they head from the Delta lands of Mississippi to a war plant in Tennessee. Clair Brown and her family are cast headlong into life's tests and trials, sweeping them like a mighty river to finally rest in quiet and peaceful waters where love and the Dove of peace awaits.

Story excerpt

An entertaining anthology from award-winning author Patrick Welch. 

The Casebook of Doakes and Haig

Casebook of Doakes and Haig     fantasy/detective anthology.
ISBN: 1-931201-12-9
200+ pages. PDF, HTML.

An anthology of the fascinating adventures of an unlikely pair of detectives who reside and practice in an alternate universe, an England which remains a colonial power.

Story excerpt

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Edited by Tom Dullemond and Darin Park. 

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy

The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy     Non-Fiction.

ISBN 1-93201-44-7.     Available now!
250+ pages. PDF, HTML.

A complete fantasy resource in one volume - Character Creation, Clothing and Weapons, Combat, Health and Medicine, Magic, Mythology, World Building and much more.

Book excerpt

A YA fantasy novel from Wendy Maree Peterson. 

The Tail of the Sea-Witch

The Tail of the Sea-Witch    fantasy for all ages.

ISBN: 1-931201-18-8.     Available now!
75+ pages.

Marina’s magical sea witch lives in a houseboat on a lagoon surrounded by a ‘jungle of jewels.’

But is she really a sea witch? Marina, the imaginative eleven-year-old telling the story, is quite convinced. After all, isn’t her very name, Madame Witche, a sure give-away? Both Marina and Madame Witche are lonely until that mid-summer day when they meet on Madame’s beach. Together, they find a friendship so unexpected and rich that it takes on a magical aspect – especially to Marina.

However, Madame is so unusual, so fey, we are never sure if Marina’s suspicions aren’t right after all. And there's that remarkably life-like mermaid's tail displayed on a net curtain in the houseboat….

This YA fantasy novel will have eleven illustrations by talented digital artist, Ardy Scott as well as a fully orchestrated music soundtrack by the author on a multimedia CD-ROM which will be available Nov. 15th.

Story excerpt

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A meta-mythic fantasy novel from Alex Roces. 

The Moon Child

The Moon Child    fantasy.

ISBN: 1-931201-18-8.     
150+ pages. PDF, HTML and LIT formats.

An outcast from the barrio, Maria was feared and shunned because of her moonpower -- a psychic ability to communicate with enchanted spirits, and see the future in dreams and visions. When she is forced to choose between two men — tragedy occurs. Their lives become entangled like the roots of a balete tree, as they journey through the dark labyrinth of love, passion, and betrayal.

Story excerpt

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A highly entertaining novel from Celia A. Leaman. 


Unraveled     New Age.

ISBN 1-931201-09-9.     Available now!.
100+ pages.

A repressed Millicent becomes acquainted with her quirky neighbors, discovers her husband's infidelities and contemplates an affair with a younger man while the planets Uranus and Pluto seemingly have their own agenda.

Story excerpt

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A suspense novel from Rick Buda. 



WolfPointe     a paranormal suspense.

ISBN 1-931201-06-4    
200+ pages. PDF, HTML, LIT and RB formats.

Story excerpt

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An informative non-fiction book from multi-talented Lida E. Quillen. 

Practical Tips for Online Authors 2001 Edition

Practical Tips     a guidebook for writers on the web.

ISBN 1-931201-00-5    
150+ pages. PDF, HTML, LIT and RB formats.


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  ** [Contains explicit sex and violence not suitable for all readers.] 


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