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The Beginner's Guide to TV Football
Jay Kaymer



"Football Is A Modern Form Of The Roman Gladiatorial Spectacle. It Provides Our Citizens With An Outlet For Bloodlust. On A Wider Scale, It Is Similar To That Other 'Sport' Many Of Us Call WWF on Ice." - Anonymous.

This Primer is specifically aimed at the Living Room Fan. Stadium Goers are a Special Breed. They are insane enough to spend at least three hours in a cold, wet drizzle and generally cannot see the intricacies of the Game anyway. That's because most of the Stadium Seats are 200 feet or more from the Field Of Play. And, most importantly, the Stadium Instant Replay is not accompanied by the "Expert" commentary available to the TV Fan.

NOTE: To avoid a Headslap and/or a Forearm In The Mouth due to this somewhat controversial approach, the Author has depicted two mythical teams... The Dinosaurs and the Kangaroos.


Welcome To The World Of Advanced TV Football Viewing!
- Jay Kaymer.

copyright © 2003 Jay Kaymer.

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Another 'primer' that contains more than you ever wanted to know. 

Jay Kaymer's Beginner's Guide to TV Football

The Beginner's Guide to TV Football     sports humor.
ISBN: 1-931201-46-3

Jay Kaymer has created over 90 original cartoons that spoof our gridiron gladiators.

A partial list of contents.
The Head Coach, Scoring Points, Referees and Penalties, Positions and Responsibilities of the Players, Pre-Game Ceremonies, Special Action to Watch, End Zone Antics and a lot more.


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Terrific gift idea.

Reader comments:

"This will alienate every sports fan on the planet, yet they will love it!"
W.N.G. - West Palm Beach, FL.

"Wow, you just keep wondering what's on the next page!"
T.T.N. - Atlanta, GA.

"Never seen anything like this before. These cartoons are hilarious!"
R.N.B. - Coral Springs, FL.



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