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Angie Berg

Angie Berg was born in a small town in Michigan. She grew up surrounded by nature and snow. Her parents instilled in her a respect for everything and everyone around her. Angie was married at twenty-one and was divorced at thirty. It was after she turned thirty that her life changed and she discovered that she could write. Angie has a few published poems and short stories.

As for now, Angie is taking every chance she has to see the world and live life to the fullest. She fully believes the saying "life is not the destination but the journey." Angie hopes she can share some of the journey with others through her writing.

TTB story: "Dare to Dream"

Visit Angie's web site


Floss Flamand

Floss Flamand is the author of four screenplays, a non-fiction book on the paranormal and "Rewards of Justice."

She graduated from high school, Red River College, Marvel School of Beauty and the Vancouver Film School. Married at seventeen and divorced at thirty-five, she is mother to son, Malcolm and daughter, Tanya. She is proud and happy to say she is grandmother to her daughterís sons Evan and Garrett.

Ms. Flamand has lived in Zweibrucken, Germany, Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Cold Lake, Alberta and Vancouver, British Columbia. Floss now resides in Calgary, Alberta in the foothills near the Rocky Mountains. Her favorite sports are swimming and biking. She enjoys reading, writing, research, movies and cooking dinner for friends and family. Her favorite singer is Clay Aiken.

A non-fiction book will be published soon by Treble Heart and Paranormal Phenomena web site has published "The Ghost That Left The Cemetery," "The Giant Frog" and story of the month, "The Devil Wore a Black tuxedo."

Her next project is "Magic Man." When "Magic Man" is complete, she will start rewriting three screenplays into full length novels - "Just An Old Man," "Henrey's One Wish," "Mystical Reality" and "Flight of the Arrow." In addition, she is concurrently working on a paranormal/suspense novel titled, When Twilight Falls.

The sunís rays beam to earth like a heavenly light
   Clouds form ships that sail on oceans of might
   Dark shadows of the deep underneath do loom
Death comes to the sailors in the light of the moon
             When twilight falls

Visit Ms. Flamand's web site


J. L. Graham

J. L. Graham, a veteran writer of short fiction of eleven years, resides in a small valley in the foothills of Western Kentucky. Mr. Graham enjoys spending time with his three children, four dogs, three cats, going to church and wandering through the cemeteries and historical houses that haunt his stories.

TTB story: "Bishop's Well

Celia A. Leaman

Celia Leaman, whose web page is entitled feels she is truly a child of Dartmoor, and the moors are a perfect setting for her imaginative, mystical and romantic stories. Her first book, Mary's Child (available from is written around the Dartmoor legend of Jay's Grave, and she's working on two more books in the Dartmoor Series.

After she emigrated to Canada in 1980 she had short stories published in national and international magazines in the UK, Canada and the United States. She wrote and co-directed an English farce that was performed on Galiano Island, BC, where she lived for several years.

Her lifestyle seems to change every few years, and currently, she teaches information sessions on ebooks, copy-edits and reviews, is her own web-mistress, and when she isn't working at the local libraries, continues to write. If she has time for hobbies, she likes to garden, paint in oils and take meditative walks

TTB book titles: No More Regrets and other stories
The Winnowed Woman

Visit Celia's web site

Bent Lorentzen

Bent Lorentzen was born in Roskilde, Denmark, ancient seat of the Danish Kingdom. He lived in Montreal for seven years, BS in biology, four years graduate education in cultural anthropology and neurobiology. He taught science at River School in Florida, was associate editor to North County News and book reviewer and photojournalist in both Denmark and USA. Bent is currently writing a syndicated column and three books.

Having written for several governments, including Denmark, Israel and the USA, Mr. Lorentzen has had his works translated into over thirteen languages. He has also studied journalism (Goddard College), photography (beginning in 1976 as an undergraduate with the Alice G. Wallace Planetarium and completing in 1998, photography certification in Copenhagen with Skolefoto Asb), and editing (Associate Editor for a newspaper syndicate and founder of the magazine, Many Leaves One Tree).

Additionally, much of Mr. Lorentzen's cultural journalism takes place through his unique ability to view and report elements of society from atop a bicycle. He has raced in Denmark and in America as a captain of a USCF cycling team, and has authored a three-year syndicated column on bicycling culture. He recently completed a 2500 kilometer bicycle ride along the mountains of eastern USA, in the dead of winter, for a book on American culture and on behalf of the mental health advocacy group, M-POWER.

Bent is available for speaking and promotional engagements worldwide.

TTB book title: Dragon's Moon
TTB story: "Morning Star"

Visit Bent's web site

Robert Marcom

Robert Marcom has authored both science and speculative science books. He writes from the perspective of a lifelong love affair with a quest to understand. Author of
A Voyage Through the Cosmos, by Waltsan Publishing, LLC, and Digging Up Texas, by Republic of Texas Press, Inc., he also delves into science fiction and fantasy in short stories published by Twilight Times Publishing.

He is the founder of Net Author, Inc., an online writers community, and the publisher of E2K: a journal for the new literary paradigm.

TTB book title: Darkly, Darkly
TTB story: "Prodigal"

Visit Robert's web site
Recent author interview.

Sample of Robert's writing: "The Quantum Of Dharma"

Linda Suzane

Linda Suzane is pursing her lifelong dream to be a full time writer. Her passions include vampires, murder, and mystery. Her first eBook is a romantic mystery about a murder mystery game designer whose mystery game goes murderously wrong. The Murder Game is available from
Double Dragon eBooks. Linda enjoys designing her own mystery games and is currently working on developing a mystery game for

When not writing about murder and mystery, she is writing about vampires. The first book in her Darkhour Vampires series, Captivity, was just published by Wings ePress.

Sometimes she combines her interest in murder, mystery, and vampires as she did in her novel Eyes of Truth, a fantasy mystery which includes two different breeds of vampire, the Wonur and the Dolzi, pitting mythical Wonur against the stark reality of the Dolzi, exploring how legends and superstition can terrify, but reality can destroy. Linda continues to explore her fantasy world the Kingdom of Naj in her short story "Daughter-in-Law." She is working on several other short stories set in the Kingdom of Naj.

Linda considers herself something of an Internet explorer, seeking to know and conquer this new frontier as an eBook author, content provider, and web designer. She lives with her husband of thirty-three years on the beautiful Oregon coast with four domineering cats and an office full of dragons.

TTB book title: Eyes of Truth
TTB story: "Daughter-in-law"

Author web site.
Recent author interview.

W. B. Vogel III

Author W.B. Vogel writes about what he loves...the stygian night and the darkness of God's creation. Born early on a dark and dismal day in November of 1972, his love of the storm and the night has been a major influence and inspiration. "The Dark Days are the best..."

Influences range from writers such as H.P. Lovecraft, Bram Stoker, and Edgar Allan Poe to directors such as John Carpenter and Alfred Hitchcock, and bands such as Sentenced, Carcass, Slipknot, Acid Bath, the Vandals, Misfits, Entombed, Konkhra, Pitchshifter, Indecision, Piston, Transport League, Beseech, Motorpsycho (U.S.A.), and Fishbone.

Recently, his short stories and poems have appeared in Champagne Shivers, Eternal Night, Black Satellite, Scavengers and Twilight Times.

...And the darkness rolls on.

"It is not a matter of survival of the fittest, but of the fiercest."

              ----W.B. Vogel, circa 1999 A.D.

The official W.B. Vogel webtomb (a.k.a. has a collection of his stories, poetry, biography, web log, news, and links.

TTB story: "No Man's Land"

Samples of Mr. Vogel's writing: "Velocities of Night" - an art collector is driven to find a new work.
Gone Wild" - a startling encounter in the haunted woods.

Patrick Welch

Patrick Welch has published more than fifty stories in e-zines and small magazines. Currently he has two books available from Twilight Times Books - The Thirteenth Magician and The Casebook of Doakes and Haig. He also has three books available from Double Dragon eBooks, The Body Shop, Westchester Station and Brendell; Apprentice Thief.

Before/Beyond, a collection of SF and fantasy stories, will be released summer of 2002 by Double Dragon. Cynnador, a fantasy novel, will be available early 2003 from Twilight Times Books.

TTB book titles: The Casebook of Doakes and Haig
The Thirteenth Magician
TTB stories: "The Aegis of the Dragon" and "Road Show."

Reviews, samples and more can be found on his web site.

Author interview.

Sample of Patrick's writing: "The Joining"

L. E. Wylde

L. E. Wylde joined the U. S. Navy to see the world and ended up in California for five years. Also resided in Georgia and Texas. Enjoys reading and writing fantasy novels, travel, rifle and pistol target shooting, motorcycles, raising Rottweilers, beagles and game chickens. Ambition is to live in the middle of forty acres and come to town once a month for coffee and sugar. Currently working on a dark fantasy trilogy.

TTB title: Studies in Genre co-author.

Visit L. E. Wylde's web site.


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