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Monkey Trap 
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The Storks of
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You've come to the right place to pick up some great reading. All of our books have received four star reviews.

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     A Few Facts

Twilight Times Books is a royalty paying small press print publisher. Due to an exceptional front list of books, all with four star reviews, the print division of Twilight Times Books launched twenty-one titles in trade paperback in 2004. We currently have over 90 books in print. Our books are distributed internationally through Twilight Trade Books.

Download versions of our books are available in ePub, Kindle-compatible, PDF or Palm formats. HTML, LIT, RB or Hiebook formats are available as a special order. You can expect delivery via email within 4 - 6 hours of placing your order.

Most titles are also available in trade paperback approximately two weeks after release date.

All ebook files are checked by AVG Pro Anti Virus System by Grisoft, Inc. and by other anti virus utilities prior to download.

     A Few Technical Facts

All e-book titles will be available in PDF format as a file attachment in email. Most new computers come with the Adobe Acrobat Reader® already installed. In MS Windows, you would click on Start, then Programs and if Adobe is not listed, then click on Accessories.

If you find you do not have an Adobe Reader for viewing the PDF version of our e-books, then you can obtain the Adobe Reader by going to the Adobe web site and simply clicking on the free download of Adobe Reader. You might want to ensure your computer meets system requirements first.
Adobe Reader

If you are viewing this page, then you have a browser. Most titles will also be available in html format. What this means is, the e-book can be sent to you as a file attached to an email message. You would click on the filename and the e-book will automatically open up for your viewing pleasure. You can most likely read PDF or HTML versions of our e-books now, without obtaining additional software.

PalmPilot® and HandEra™ users may special order a Palm Reader or TXT file convertable for use in PalmPilots.

     A Few More Facts

  You might like to know the story behind the story of Twilight Times Books. I'm a publisher who is a lover of literature and storytelling. When I first discovered the Internet, I was amazed at the number of highly talented and yet unpublished writers I kept meeting.

In June 1998, I started Twilight Times ezine to showcase great writing. For the past five years, TT ezine has placed in the top twenty ezines on the internet for both fiction and poetry in the Preditors and Editors™ Readers Poll, a reader's annual survey of the best on the web.

Twilight Times Books was established January 1999 as an epublisher. In 2004, we evolved from an Internet epublisher to a small press print publisher. TT Books is currently expanding into hard cover as well as paperback books and will be seeking new distributors for both ebooks and print books in the coming months.

At Twilight Times Books our mission is to promote excellence in writing and great literature. We're dedicated to enhancing the prospects of getting great literary, New Age and SF/F books into the hands of readers.

Come back often.

Lida E. Quillen

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