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Twilight Times Books was established January 1999 as an Internet epublisher. In 2004, we expanded our operations and evolved into a small trade publisher. Due to an exceptional front list of books, all with four star reviews, the print division of Twilight Times Books launched twenty-one titles in trade paperback in 2004. Over ninety titles are currently in print and we plan to release sixteen titles in 2012.

TT Books is a small trade publisher. Our books have national distribution and the author pays nothing for publication of his/her book. We currently publish literary works that are exemplary, that transcend genres and/or that are beautifully written. We are highly selective as to what we will accept for publication.

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Caves, Cannons and Crinolines by Beverly Stowe McClure has been submitted for the Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction.

Sonora Wind by Florence Weinberg is a winner in the 2010 New Mexico Book Awards in the category of Historical Fiction and a finalist in Mystery/Suspense.

Carolyn Howard Johnson included Healey's Cave by Aaron Paul Lazar in the nominations for her Ninth Annual Noble (Not Nobel!) Prize for Literature. Congrats to Aaron!

Carolyn wrote:

"To Aaron Paul Lazar for Healey's Cave. A mystery has never made my Nobel list before but this one deserves the description "literary mystery." It's been called "lush," "lyrical," and "absorbing." It is a fine example of how genre fiction can cross the line from entertaining to fine art."

Book News

New releases!

Twilight Times Books is pleased to announce the recent release of By Way of the Rose, historical by Cynthia Ward; trade paperback.

Promo blurb: In the fall of 1839, the Cherokee are being moved from the Carolinas to Oklahoma Indian Territory. The Duvals get entangled in a saga of love, hate and bitter hostilities when they befriend a battered Cherokee woman who leaves them with an unexpected gift.

Author Profile:  Cynthia Ward Weil is a self-taught Mississippi artist and writer who overcame a severe learning disability called dyslexia. In the third grade, at twelve years old, she made a decision to beat this disabling and painful situation after a special education teacher told her, and her Mother, that she would, 'never read past pre-primer'... She quit school and after a long struggle she learned how to read and write and went on, without any formal training, to earn her diploma.

Against all odds, she went into the field of writing, and challenged all the doubts. Thus making a statement of the undaunting spirit and never-ceasing ability to be successful by holding fast to one's dreams.


Corruptor, SF by Jason Cordova; trade paperback.

Promo blurb:

Tori Adams must fight her way out of a virtual reality world while keeping her friends alive after being taken hostage by a group of financially driven terrorists.

Author Profile:  Jason Cordova was born in California in 1978, thus beginning his tumultuous path towards world domination. As with every megalomaniac dictator, he had no love for books at an early age. Indeed, baseball and corruptive power were his two biggest loves in life. He did not discover a love of reading, therefore, until his English teacher in high school introduced him to alternate history. It was then he realized that the classic blunder for every world dictator was a lack of literary prowess. As Vizzini was apt to say, "Inconceivable!"

However, after service in the United States Navy and a degree in history, he discovered that there was no possible way for him to dominate the world.

In his spare time, Jason continues to read all sorts of literature, especially science fiction and alternate history. He also paints toy soldiers and plays war games with them quite regularly. Many weekends one can find him at the local gaming store, destroying his opposition in a way that only world dictators can truly appreciate.


Enchanted Hunt, paranormal suspense by Dorothy Ann Skarles; trade paperback.

Promo blurb: Catamount 'Cat' James finds himself caught up with the mythical goddess Pele, an old Kuhuna with his magic stones and deadly adversaries.

Author Profile:  Dorothy A. Skarles who writes under daSkarles has appeared in a variety of publications. She has published more than 200 articles in Trade Journals, Magazines and Newspapers. She earned her first byline as a cooking columnist for a local family-owned newspaper in California.

Along with her love for writing daSkarles also loves animals. She once owned a 99 percent wolf from Alaska who lived to be thirteen years old. She hopes one day to write a book about her experiences with this wonderful wild animal.


Infinite Space, Infinite God II, SF anthology edited by Karina and Robert Fabian; trade paperback.

Promo blurb: At last! Stories where the Catholic Church and science cooperate, priests are heroes, and faith gives people the strength to act upon their convictions. In the tradition of the award-winning Infinite Space, Infinite God I, Infinite Space, Infinite God II offers solid sci-fi and life-affirming faith.

Author Profile: Karina and Robert Fabian are hard-core sci-fi geeks and faithful Catholics who consider creating an anthology a fun date.  When not working on their next story or playing with their four kids, Rob serves as a colonel in the USAF, while Karina writes award-winning fantasy , sci-fi, and devotionals.

What people are saying: "...Infinite Space, Infinite God II stacks up quite well against any collection of short spec-fic you're likely to find on the shelves this Christmas season. It would make a great gift for any science fiction fan on your list. This is a good read with a unique perspective and will linger in your mind a long time after you've finished it." ~ Fred Warren for Federation


Magnolia Blossoms, time travel suspense by Leanna Sain; trade paperback.

Promo blurb: Maggie Poinsett has the opportunity to change history. Stepping through a rusty gate, she's thrust into the middle of the American Civil War.

Author Profile: Leanna Sain lives in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina with her husband and her son. Now that the MacKinlay saga is complete, she's hard at work on some new projects. When she's not writing, she keeps busy as a free-lance portrait artist, co-owner of two retail stores and part-time farmer.


The Cresperian Alliance, SF by Stephanie Osborn and Darrell Bain; trade paperback.

Promo blurb: Alien Cresperians scattered all over Earth; enemy Snappers seeking to expand their interstellar empire. And Sergeant Edward "Bang" Bangler finds himself in the midst of two of the biggest battles he's ever been in -- a battle for his heart, and a battle for his home.

Author Profile: Stephanie Osborn is a former payload flight controller on Space Shuttle flights & the International Space Station. Her writing utilizes this experience for a realistic feel.

Darrell Bain served thirteen years in the military and this formed the basis for his writing. Darrell really got serious after the advent of computers & has been writing furiously ever since.


The Soapmaster’s Apprentice, SF/F by Geoff Geauterre; trade paperback.

Promo blurb: The Transit Corps transfers Andrew Webster to a primitive society, under the tutelage of an agent with his own agenda. Andrew forgets a few definable rules as to conduct -- such as not helping the natives start a major war.

Author Profile:  Geoff Geauterre is a retired civil servant with a degree in History and special interests in Journalism and Research. He has lived in Florida, New York, Chicago, Boston, Maine, Montreal, Northern Quebec, Calgary, Northwest Territories, and parts of Alaska. He's said he gained his sense of humor from the back of a mule.


Upcoming releases

Embraced by the Shadows by Mayra Calvani; vampire romance - $18.95 trade paperback

Extraction Point! by Travis S. Taylor and Stephanie Osborn - $18.95 trade paperback

Far Come the Eyes of Light by Geoff Geauterre; SF/F - $18.95 trade paperback

How I Wrote My First Book: the story behind the story by Anne K. Edwards and Lida E. Quillen, editors - $15.95 trade paperback

Magic for your Writing: Help for the Aspiring Writer by Gerald Mills - $15.95 trade paperback

Warp Point by Darrell Bain; SF - $16.95 trade paperback


Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (FMAM).

"FUTURES Magazine is a welcome member to the small number of gallant publications open to the new and the more established mystery writers and artists. The magazine is well worth reading carefully. Every issue has gems that I would have been sorry to have missed. May they keep up the solid, supportive work of love." -- Stuart M. Kaminsky

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